1966-1971    University of Kashmir, India                     B. Sc. (Geology, Chem, Geog & English)

1972-1974 Aligarh Muslim University, India M. Sc. (Geology)

1975-1979 Aligarh Muslim University, India Ph. D. (Geology) Specialising in geochemistry of rift basalts




1980 – 2000 Scientist at Wadia institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Dehra Dun, India

2000 – Present Founder & Head, Department of Geology & Geophysics, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, India




From Himalayan heights to ocean depths. 26 years of research work in the Himalayas, first as Ph. D. scholar (1975 – 1979) and then as a scientist at WIHG, Dehra Dun, India (1980-2000). Field work all over the Indian part of the Himalayas (Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh). High points of research on Himalayas include reconstructing the development of southern passive margin of the Tethys through Precambrian to Cretaceous-rifting episodes, geochemistry of its different mafic magmatism phases with dating of the oldest at 2.5 Ga, and conceptualization and experimental verification of rift-reactivation model for the structural evolution of the Himalayas; application of the model to different structural problems at WIHG continues and has resulted in many international publications. Worked and published with scientists from USA, France, Russia, Sweden, Australia, and India on Himalayan geology and tectonics, NW Pacific Ocean tectonics, Earth dynamics, and marine geomorphology.




Principle investigator and coordinator of soon to be launched DST-funded project on ‘Seismic Hazard Assessment and Neotectonics of Kashmir Valley’ – a multidisciplinary and multi- institutional (including University of Kashmir; WIHG, Dehra Dun; University of Kumaun, Nanital; and Indian Institute of Geomagmatism, Mumbai) study program that includes phased establishment of seismic observatories in the Himalayan region of Jammu & Kashmir and tectonic geomorphology studies in the Kashmir Valley.


Tectonic links to climate investigations into the Madden Julian Oscillation and Monsoon seasonal sea surface temperature trends are also ongoing.









Several on Himalayan geology and coauthor of three books: Surge Tectonics (Kluwer, 1996), Marine Geomorphology (Xlibris, 2002), and Active Margin Geomorphology (Xlibris, 2002).




  National Mineral Award, Govt. of India - 1991-92.

  Visiting Scientist at CRPG (CNRS), Nancy & Institut Dolomieu, Genoble, France, 1989 (one year)                   

  Visiting Scientist at Isotope Geology Lab, Swedish Museaum of Natural History, Stockholm, Swedish Institute, Sweden (Jan- June, 1994).              

  Chaired a session at the International Symposium on ‘New Concepts in Global Tectonics’   (NCGT-98), Tsukuba, Japan, 20-23 Nov, 1998

  Member, Management Advisory Committee (MAC), Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (1995-98)

  Member, Women…………., Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (2003-- Present).

      Correspondent (Indian Chapter), Newsletter NEW CONCEPTS IN GLOBAL TECTONICS, Australia

  Fellow, Geological Society of India.